WordPress vs Drupal – Learning Curve

by | Aug 27, 2019

WordPress and Drupal are two of the most popular Content Management Systems in the market now. It is a common question how WordPress and Drupal are different from each other, there are a lot of articles about this and you might have done some research about it already. Most of the web developers would have two minds whether to choose WordPress or Drupal.
Well, it depends on your needs. It depends on your web development skills as well.
TL;DR – WordPress is something very easy to pick up for beginners, while Drupal is a bit more complicated.

Why choose WordPress over Drupal

It’s easier to learn

As I already mentioned WordPress is very easy to pick up for beginners. The WordPress interface and usability are simple for casual users to pick up quickly. The configuration process and customising your theme according to your needs is easy to do. And that gets your site up running so quickly even for beginners. For Drupal, the interface and usability are complex compared to WordPress. It has got taxonomies, blocks and views and a lot more features that make it complex. It isn’t hard to use but hard to learn how to use it. Also, to build your website from scratch takes more time than expected for a beginner.


Theming is very important for every Website. Of course, everyone wants their website to be different and unique. In WordPress there are 11,000 + Themes out there you can try. Also, it is easy to customise the theme according to your needs. You don’t need any development skills to customise the look and feel of your website. Whereas there are only 2700 + themes available for Drupal. Also, mostly Drupal needs custom coding to meet your needs. So, you should have more coding skills than a WordPress developer for your website to look unique. If you are not a developer, why to worry about writing a lot of code when there is a simpler option.
There are 55000 + WordPress plugins which reduces the need to write custom code. Whereas Drupal has just 42000+ modules (equivalent to WordPress plugins). Here again, since the number of modules that Drupal offers are less, to customise according to your needs its more likely that you may need to code to create custom modules.

Which one to choose

Probably you are here to choose which one to use. Drupal can handle a large volume of content. It is capable of producing more complex and advanced sites. Drupal wins the battle when it comes to security as well. If your website is complex with a lot of data Drupal is the CMS for you.
If you don’t have any knowledge about what a content management system can do, both WordPress and Drupal is hard. It may take days or weeks to get your heads around stuff. You may also need to think a different way of building a website if you are used to building HTML websites.

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